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  • A Multiphysics and Multiscale Software Environment for Modeling Astrophysical Systems 

    Portegies Zwart, Simon; McMillan, Steve; Ó Nualláin, Breanndán; Heggie, Douglas; Lombardi, James C. Jr; Hut, Piet; Banerjee, Sambaran; Belkus, Houria; Fragos, Tassos; Fregeau, John; Fuji, Michiko; Gaburov, Evghenii; Glebbeek, Evert; Groen, Derek; Harfst, Stefan; Izzard, Rob; Jurić, Mario; Justham, Stephen; Teuben, Peter; van Bever, Joris; Yaron, Ofer; Zemp, Marcel (Springer, 2008)
    We present MUSE, a software framework for tying together existing computational tools for different astrophysical domains into a single multiphysics, multiscale workload. MUSE facilitates the coupling of existing codes ...
  • Mixing in massive stellar mergers 

    Gaburov, Evghenii; Lombardi, James C. Jr; Portegies Zwart, Simon (Oxford University Press, 2007-09-21)
    The early evolution of dense star clusters is possibly dominated by close interactions between stars, and physical collisions between stars may occur quite frequently. Simulating a stellar collision event can be an intensive ...
  • Teaching to End Hunger: Critical Analysis of Food Systems and Poverty 

    Choate, Beth A.; Pallant, Eric; Shipe, David (Springer International, 2018)
    The 2030UnitedNations Agenda for SustainableDevelopment lists ending poverty and hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture as its first two goals for transforming our world. The accomplishment ...
  • Hydraulic Fracturing in Northwestern Pennsylvania 

    Brandt, Eric; Britt, Alex; Haffner, Joshua; Koebley, Anna; Lampe, Joseph; Levy, Federico; Squires, J.G.; Szoszorek, Jake; Wade, Shannon; Zedar, Anna (Allegheny College: Department of Environmental Science, 2013)
    No abstract is available
  • Depositional history and provenance of Paleogene strata in the Sage Creek basin, southwestern Montana 

    Schwartz, Theresa M.; Graham, Stephan A. (Geological Society of America, 2017-08)
    In southwestern Montana (SWMT), Paleogene strata that are preserved in the Sage Creek basin were deposited during the transition from late-stage Sevier-Laramide compressional tectonism to extensional reactivation of the ...

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