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  • V1309 Sco: Understanding a merger 

    Nandez, J. L. A.; Ivanova, N.; Lombardi, James C. (IOP, 2014-05-01)
    One of the two outcomes of a common envelope (CE) event is a merger of the two stars. To date, the best known case of a binary merger is the V1309 Sco outburst, where the orbital period was known and observed to decay up ...
  • Will (copy of ): John Hanks 

    Hanks, John (2012-07-23)
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    Tarbell, Ida M. (1921-09-20)
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    Boyden, Albert A. (1906-05-26)
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    Tarbell, Ida M. (1919-10-11)
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    Carter, Bird (1937-11-01)