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    • Coloration, Paternity, and Assortative Mating in Western Bluebirds 

      Jacobs, Anne; Fair, Jeanne; Zuk, Marlene (Blackwell Verlag GmbH, 2015-02-01)
      Coloration in birds can act as an important sexual signal in males, yet in many species, both sexes display bright colors. Social selection may account for this pattern, with more brightly colored individuals pairing ...
    • Parasite infection, but not immune response, influences paternity in western bluebirds 

      Jacobs, Anne; Fair, Jeanne; Zuk, Marlene (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2015-02-01)
      Parasites can impose heavy costs on their hosts, and females may benefit from selecting mates that are parasite resistant and/or have a stronger immune response. Trade-offs between immune response and sexual signaling have ...