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    • Soil respiration in a northeastern US temperate forest: a 22-year synthesis 

      Bowden, Richard D.; Giasson, Marc-Andre; Ellison, Aaron M.; Crill, P.M.; Davidson, Eric A.; Drake, John E.; Frey, Serita D.; Hadley, J.L.; Lavine, M.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Munger, J. William; Nadelhoffer, Knute; Nicoll, L.; Ollinger, Scott; Savage, Kathleen E.; Steudler, P.A.; Tang, Jiang; Varner, R.K.; Wofsy, S.C; Foster, D.R.; Finzi, Adrien C. (ESA, 2013-11-22)
      To better understand how forest management, phenology, vegetation type, and actual and simulated climatic change affect seasonal and inter-annual variations in soil respiration (Rs), we analyzed more than 100,000 individual ...