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    • Higher education and food waste: assessing current trends 

      Leal Filho, Walter; Salvia, Amanda Lange; Davis, Brittany; Will, Markus; Moggi, Sara (Taylor & Francis INC, 2021-07-04)
      Food waste is a considerable sustainability challenge, and many universities around the world are engaged in food waste prevention. University canteens offer opportunities for prevention of food waste by steering the amounts ...
    • The role of higher education institutions in sustainability initiatives at the local level 

      Filho, Walter Leal; Vargas, Valeria Ruiz; Salvia, Amanda Lange; Brandli, Luciana Londero; Pallant, Eric; Klavins, Maris; Ray, Subhasis; Maruna, Marija; Conticelli, Elisa; Ayanore, Martin Amogre; Radovic, Vesela; Gupta, Bhumika; Sen, Salil; Paço, Arminda; Michalopoulou, Eleni; Saikim, Fiffy Hanisdah; Koh, Hock Lye; Frankenberger, Fernanda; Kanchanamukda, Wasan; da Cunha, Dênis Antônio; Akib, Noor Adelyna Mohammed; Clarke, Amelia; Wall, Tony; Vaccari, Mentore (Elsevier, 2019-06-07)
      Universities are central players and important economic actors in many regions, and many of them are, in general, nationally and internationally active in respect of matters related to sustainable development. But there ...