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    • Long-term litter manipulation alters soil organic matter turnover in a temperate deciduous forest 

      Wang, Jun-Jian; Pisani, Oliva; Lin, Lisa H.; Lun, Olivia O. Y.; Bowden, Richard D.; Lajtha, Kate; Simpson, André J.; Simpson, Myrna J. (Elsevier, 2017-07-27)
      Understanding soil organic matter (OM) biogeochemistry at the molecular-level is essential for assessing potential impacts from management practices and climate change on shifts in soil carbon storage. Biomarker analyses ...
    • Long-Term Nitrogen Addition Alters the Composition of Soil-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter 

      Wang, Jun-Jian; Liu, Yina; Bowden, Richard D.; Lajtha, Kate; Simpson, André J.; Huang, Wan-Ling; Simpson, Myrna J. (ACS Publications, 2019-12-23)
      Forest soil dissolved organic matter (DOM) is a major source of terrigenous dissolved organic carbon (DOC) that is an important component of biogeochemical cycles. While many studies have shown that DOM dynamics are regulated ...