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    • Growth and foraging consequences of facultative paedomorphosis in the tiger salamander 

      Whiteman, Howard H.; Wissinger, Scott A.; Brown, Wendy S. (Chapman & Hall, 1996-07)
      Facultative paedomorphosis in salamanders occurs when larvae respond to varying environmental conditions by either metamorphosing into terrestrial metamorphic adults or retaining their larval morphology to become sexually ...
    • Larval growth in polyphenic salamanders: making the best of a bad lot 

      Whiteman, Howard H.; Wissinger, Scott A.; Denoël, Mathieu; Mecklin, Christopher J.; Gerlanc, Nicole M.; Gutrich, John J. (Springer, 2012-07-28)
      Polyphenisms are excellent models for studying phenotypic variation, yet few studies have focused on natural populations. Facultative paedomorphosis is a polyphenism in which salamanders either metamorphose or retain their ...