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    • Establishing a database of Canadian feline mitotypes for forensic use 

      Arcieri, Michael; Agostinelli, Guy; Gray, Zach; Spadaro, Amanda N.; Lyons, Leslie A.; Webb, Kristen (Elsevier, 2016-02-24)
      Hair shed by pet animals is often found and collected as evidence from crime scenes. Due to limitations such as small amount and low quality, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is often the only type of DNA that can be used for ...
    • Forensic informativity of ~3,000 bp of coding sequence of domestic dog mtDNA. 

      Angleby, Helen; Oskarsson, Mattias; Pang, Junfeng; Zhang, Ya-ping; Leitmer, Thomas; Braham, Caitlyn; Arvestad, Lars; Lundeberg, Joakim; Webb, Kristen; Savolainen, Peter (Wiley Online Library, 2014-07)
      The discriminatory power of the noncoding control region (CR) of domestic dog mitochondrial DNA alone is relatively low. The extent to which the discriminatory power could be increased by analyzing additional highly variable ...