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    • Dynamics and collisional evolution of closely packed planetary systems 

      Hwang, Jason A.; Steffen, Jason H.; Lombardi, James C. Jr; Rasio, Frederic A. (Oxford Academic, 2017-06-07)
      High-multiplicity Kepler systems (referred to as Kepler multis) are often tightly packed and may be on the verge of instability. Many systems of this type could have experienced past instabilities, where the compact orbits ...
    • Outcomes of Grazing impacts between Sub-Neptunes in Kepler Multis 

      Hwang, Jason A.; Chatterjee, Sourav; Lombardi, James C. Jr; Steffen, Jason H.; Rasio, Frederic A. (Institute of Physics, 2018-01-01)
      Studies of high-multiplicity, tightly packed planetary systems suggest that dynamical instabilities are common and affect both the orbits and planet structures, where the compact orbits and typically low densities make ...