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  • Dynamics and collisional evolution of closely packed planetary systems 

    Hwang, Jason A.; Steffen, Jason H.; Lombardi, James C. Jr; Rasio, Frederic A. (Oxford Academic, 2017-06-07)
    High-multiplicity Kepler systems (referred to as Kepler multis) are often tightly packed and may be on the verge of instability. Many systems of this type could have experienced past instabilities, where the compact orbits ...
  • Simulating Negotiation in Protracted Conflicts 

    Kirschner, Shanna (Routledge, 2018-11-17)
    Protracted conflict presents students with an unfamiliar and often puzzling context. Why do negotiations sometimes succeed, while at other points, actors are unable to reach agreement on key issues, even in the face of ...