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    • Connecting Scientists With Students Using Social Media in an Undergraduate Science Course 

      Shiffman, David S.; Whitenack, Lisa B.; Ferry, Lara A. (SAGE Publications, 2023-05-10)
      Social media tools like Twitter allow scientists and other technical subject area experts to interact with the public in previously-unimaginable ways. Here we present a lesson plan in which undergraduates in a non-majors ...
    • Teaching the Inevitable: Embracing a Pedagogy of Failure 

      Eckstein, Lydia E.; Finaret, Amelia B.; Whitenack, Lisa B. (International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 2023-05-12)
      Failure is often taken as a given in higher education, as an inevitable part of learning new things. Yet, it remains a part of learning that students tend to fear, and faculty tend to neglect. As faculty, we do not always ...
    • Consequences of climate-induced range expansions on multiple ecosystem functions 

      Balik, Jared A.; Greig, Hamish S.; Taylor, Brad W.; Wissinger, Scott A. (Nature Portfolio, 2023-04-10)
      Climate-driven species range shifts and expansions are changing community composition, yet the functional consequences in natural systems are mostly unknown. By combining a 30- year survey of subalpine pond larval caddisfly ...
    • Partial Tidal Disruptions of Main-sequence Stars by Intermediate-mass Black Holes 

      Kiroglu, Fulya; Lombardi, James C. Jr; Kremer, Kyle; Fragione, Giacomo; Fogarty, Shane; Rasio, Frederic A. A. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2023-05-10)
      We study close encounters of a 1 M (circle dot) middle-age main-sequence star (modeled using MESA) with massive black holes through hydrodynamic simulations, and explore in particular the dependence of the outcomes on the ...
    • Empirically evaluating flaky test detection techniques combining test case rerunning and machine learning models 

      Parry, Owain; Kapfhammer, Gregory M.; Hilton, Michael; McMinn, Phil (Springer, 2023-04-28)
      A flaky test is a test case whose outcome changes without modification to the code of the test case or the program under test. These tests disrupt continuous integration, cause a loss of developer productivity, and limit ...