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dc.contributor.authorJacobs, Anne C.
dc.contributor.authorStigall, Tyler
dc.identifier.citationJacobs, A. C. and Stigall, T. (2019), Paternity and egg cannibalism in the ringlegged earwig Euborellia annulipes (Dermaptera: Anisolabididae). Entomological Science, 22: 250-257. doi:10.1111/ens.12363en_US
dc.description.abstractCannibalism is a common occurrence in nature, and many cannibals prey on relatively small and defenseless life stages, such as eggs or young juveniles. Such behavior provides many benefits to the cannibal, but cannibalistic individuals also face risks, including the cost of decreasing their inclusive fitness by eating close relatives such as siblings or offspring. This risk can be mitigated if cannibals can recognize and avoid preying on kin. Here, we tested whether male ringlegged earwigs Euborellia annulipes avoid cannibalizing eggs that they had sired. In this species, females care for their own eggs, but males provide no care and frequently prey upon eggs. We found that when presented with an unguarded clutch of eggs, male earwigs nearly always cannibalized some eggs, but that the proportion of eggs eaten was smaller if the male had sired the clutch. This suggests that males can distinguish between their own offspring and unrelated offspring and that they avoid harming their kin.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis project was funded by Allegheny College.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofEntomological Scienceen_US
dc.rightsCopyright © 1999-2019 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserveden_US
dc.subjectEuborellia annulipesen_US
dc.subjectfilial cannibalismen_US
dc.subjectinclusive fitnessen_US
dc.subjectkin discriminationen_US
dc.subjectringlegged earwigen_US
dc.titlePaternity and egg cannibalism in the ringlegged earwig Euborellia annulipes (Dermaptera: Anisolabididae)en_US
dc.description.versionPublished articleen_US
dc.contributor.avlauthorJacobs, Anne C.

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