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  • Testing Common Envelopes on Double White Dwarf Binaries 

    Nandez, Jose L. A.; Ivanova, Natalia; Lombardi, James C. Jr (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2015)
    Abstract. The formation of a double white dwarf binary likely involves a common envelope (CE) event between a red giant and a white dwarf (WD) during the most recent episode of Roche lobe overflow mass transfer. We study ...
  • Hydrodynamics of Collisions Between Sub-Neptunes 

    Hwang, Jason; Chatterjee, Sourav; Lombardi, James C. Jr; Steffen, Jason; Rasio, Frederic (American Astronomical Society, 2017)
    Many studies of high-multiplicity, tightly-packed planetary systems, similar to those observed in the Kepler sample, suggest that dynamical instabilities are common and affect both the orbits and planet structures. The ...
  • Outsourcing the State Power: Extrajudicial Incarceration during the Cultural Revolution 

    Wu, Guo (NUS Press Pte Ltd, 2017-08)
    This article reconstructs the origins, typology and implications of extrajudicial incarceration as a political phenomenon during the Cultural Revolution. It analyses the “cowshed” based on its various founders and functions ...
  • Zheng Zhen and the Rise of Evidential Research in Late Qing Northern Guizhou 

    Wu, Guo (Cambridge University Press, 2017-08-07)
    This article investigates the formation of the Shatan scholarly group and the contribution of its leader, Zheng Zhen. Zheng benefitted from a vigorous trans-regional cultural network of returned local scholars such as Li ...
  • Reconsidering Rustbelt Revitalization 

    Ribeiro, Alyssa (Sage, 2017)
    No Abstract Available