The Civil War Letters of Stephen R. Clark

Stephen R. Clark was a student at Mt. Union College when the Civil War broke out. He enlisted on June 16, 1862 for three months in a college company which was assigned to the 86th O.V.I. (Ohio Volunteer Infantry), being elected Second Lieutenant. He re-enlisted that same year, as First Lieutenant in the 5th Independent Battalion O.V.C. (Calvary). On August 28, 1863, Clark re-enlisted in the 13th O.V.C. as Captain and was promoted as Major Lieutenant Colonel. He was assigned to the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, Calvary Crops, Army of the Potomac, and participated in that command in all the engagements from the Wilderness to Appomattox Court House until he mustered out with his regiment July 10, 1865.

The majority of the letters are written to his wife, Adele. There are a few letters to his father Homer J. Clark. Homer J. Clark was president of Allegheny College from 1837-1847.

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