This collection is the result of an invitation to Allegheny College Community members to submit their personal reflections on how the Covid 19 Pandemic has impacted their lives and the lives of those around them. The collection shares these items as a way to build understanding, strengthen our community, foster human connection, and preserve personal accounts of this global event for future generations and scholarly research.

Recent Submissions

  • Hold onto the sweet (on the campus evacuations of COVID-19) 

    Anonymous (Allegheny College (Meadville, Pa.), 03/25/2020)
    Poem written March 25, 2020.
  • Lament to the epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins 

    Anonymous (Allegheny College (Meadville, Pa.), 04/05/2020)
    Lament written April 5, 2020.
  • Accidents: My Allegheny Experience and The COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Gilman, Adele (Allegheny College (Meadville, Pa.), 05/19/2020)
    Essay created on 5/19/2020 in Potomac, MD.
  • Saint Covid Day 

    Reese, Samuel; Weber, Thomas; Brocki, Vincent (Allegheny College (Meadville, Pa.), 03/17/2020)
    In 2019, I formed an improvisational music group "The Vamplifiers" that recorded every time we ever got together, both rehearsing and public performances (that were purposefully limited to art galleries). When everyone was ...
  • unposed reality April 1 2020 

    Reese, Samuel (Allegheny College (Meadville, Pa.), 04/01/2020)
    April 1, 2020- at home. I was walking by this table and realized that a new reality was happening; Easter eggs in the background with sanitizing wipes, blue gloves and a mask in the foreground.

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