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About Senior Projects

In keeping with Allegheny’s commitment to provide students with a liberal arts education that meets the highest standards, the Senior Project is not a mere report or semester paper, but a significant piece of independent study, research or creative work conducted under the supervision of one or more faculty members. Students at Allegheny have been writing Senior Projects since 1942. They are important works to Allegheny's history. Students often refer to past projects as guides to their research.

In 2009, Pelletier Library introduced the Senior Projects Repository. Students submit their own projects to DSpace. Current Allegheny students, faculty, and staff can search and view their work. Older projects are also being digitized and added to DSpace, preserving Allegheny's legacy of student research.

To date, nearly 7,500 projects make up the Senior Projects Repository. The oldest project dates to 1953. Many departments at Allegheny are digitizing their Senior Projects and adding them to DSpace.

Accessing Senior Projects

To access senior projects, please login to DSpace with your Allegheny username and password. Access is restricted to current students, faculty and staff at Allegheny College.

Need To Submit Your Senior Project?

Go to for a permission form and instructions.


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